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Give me a call. Set up an appointment.  When we are done, I will tell you what I think you should do, how much it will cost, what else I need from you and when it will be done. If you agree, then we begin. If you do not, then you will probably leave better informed that when you came in.


Give me a call. Set up an appointment. Please note that I normally charge a $100 consultation fee on Domestic Relations cases. Unfortunately, it is not usually possible to predict how much the total fee will be in a domestic relations case. My current hourly rate is $218/hour.

I also require payment of a retainer. A retainer is an advance against future costs and fees. A retainer is deposited in my client trust account where it stays until drawn upon for the payment of fees, costs or expenses incurred in your case in accordance with the terms and provisions of your retainer agreement. The amount of the retainer can vary with the issues and circumstances in each case.