Whether your situation is amicable or difficult, I will work with you:
  • To get on top of the facts in your case, 
  • To listen to and address your concerns, 
  • To give you my frank assessment of the opportunities and challenges in your case, 
  • To work professionally with your spouse’s attorney, 
  • To promptly advise you of developments in your case, and 
  • To try and develop solutions and not just positions with regard to the issues in your case.

Regardless of the size of your estate or the complexity of the issues you need to deal with, I will work with you: 
  • To listen to your concerns and objectives, 
  • To craft an estate plan that addresses your concerns and objectives, 
  • To complete your estate plan on time, 
  • To give you the time you need to review the proposed estate plan, and to get your questions answered. 

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For help with your domestic relations and estate planning issues, contact Conrad G. Hutterli Attorney At Law at

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For some basic orientation concerning Family Law and Estate Planning, HEAR A TALK I gave to lawyers attending an Oregon State Bar Association continuing legal education program: The Crossroads of Estate Planning and Dissolution Law: Lessons for Lawyers in Both Fields (June 19, 2009) (Used here with permission from the Oregon State Bar Association) (About 20 - 30 minutes in length).
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